Importance of Songs in the Helen Doron Methodology

Helen Doron’s unique methodology incorporates music in its soul. Songs have been a central theme in all Helen Doron programmes since day one of the past 35 years, when CEO and Founder Helen Doron set out to try an innovative new way of teaching language, which evolved into a revolutionary methodology. Music is a powerful instrument and an integral part of the method; an exceptional tool featuring a massive variety of original music that no other company shares. Helen’s love of music and singing is reflected in every course, while her humanitarian values are taught through song lyrics and in the music, itself.

Children throughout the world have learned English easily and naturally through original and updated songs and even today, Ms. Doron and her music partners continue to compose and create original tunes for new programmes.

The music presented in each programme is extremely varied, using as many different styles as possible and comprise a full range of ethnicities and styles including: African, Samba, Oriental, Middle Eastern, Latino, Rock, Twist, Pop, Rap, Tango, Folk, Hip-Hop, Yemenite and more!

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The Helen Doron Methodology

Children love to learn, they love to play and they love music!

Helen Doron English provides the best of all worlds – stories, songs, toys, games, and innovative apps that allow children to learn easily. Helen Doron English teaches using four key principles: repeated hearing, positive reinforcement, small group learning, and making learning fun and effortless. Students learn to speak English naturally, the same way they learn their mother tongue, through captivating stories, catchy songs, stimulating interaction and motivating games. Helen Doron makes learning English fun and natural!